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Grape seed for horses

Natural Horse SupplementGrape Seed - (Organic Seeds)


Natural | Organic | Wild Harvested

(eat out of your hand delicious)

Grape Seed also helps:

Is an antioxidant that:

  • Helps mop up damaging free radicals .
    (that harm healthy cells)
  • Strengthens body defenses.
  • Aides in muscle recovery.
    (by alleviating stiffness and soreness)
  • Considered an anti-inflammatory.
  • Helps reduce edema.
  • Smells like heaven...

  • Healthy & Nutritious

  • Safe & Effective


Before you decide on a natural horse supplement or any other equine supplement your planning on adding to your horses diet...

Here's the top 4 equine supplement ingredients that you may want to reconsider
(you may even be feeding them right now)....

To see a list of these 4 "questionable" ingredients/categories
and to learn what is "really" natural just click natural horse supplement...

Look for the big no

You'll never look at supplements quite the same way again.


It's about love

horse connection & horsemanship - naturalhorsemanship

horse connection & horsemanship - naturalhorsemanship

horse connection & horsemanship - naturalhorsemanship

Some Ingredients Are

horse connection & horsemanship - naturalhorsemanship


  Commitment to the Environment

Here at Animal Kingdom Organics we try to do our part by choosing suppliers that are ecologically and socially responsible when harvesting herbs, plants, seeds, fruits, roots, flowers and sea vegetables. Learn more

Dedicated to Organic & Wild Harvesting

For us, sustainable organic agriculture is the pre-requisite for our business. We will only use organic or wild harvested ingredients in our supplements.Learn more

Quality From The Ground Up

Love wrapped in natural, wholesome, products gathered with care and offered to your horse with gentle and tender, earth-friendlier packaging by Animal Kingdom Organics … It’s quality from the Earth Up

Grown in the fields (sometimes harvested directly out of the forest), formulated by us, and presented to you from one horse lover to another. Learn more

Quality Assurance Testing

Quality Assurance Testing... Each ingredient from our suppliers is thoroughly analyzed by their laboratories to guarantee consistent quality ingredients to us. Learn more

If You Truly Believe In Your Products...

Than theres only one way to do it...



Other health benefits from complementary ingredients like:
vitamins / minerals, (increased calcium) antioxidants and omega 3, 6, and 9 fatty acids
to improve and maintain your horses whole body

You can feel safe. We follow the National Research Council For Equines Diet Recommendations. To learn more about your specific horses life stage, what challenges they may be more susceptible to and how to help solve them, have a look at our equine supplement page.


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